Tory donor puts screws on tenants in Grenfell-type block

“A company run by a property tycoon who recently made a five figure donation to the Tories is forcing the residents of a block of flats with flammable cladding foot the bill for safety measures.

The latest party funding figures reveal the Tories pocketed £10,000 from Ashcorn Estates Limited, which is owned by James Tuttiett, a multimillionaire who lives in a £1.6 million farm house which has its own vineyard.

Another of his companies, E&J Estates, has been in the news recently.

It owns an apartment block in Salford which was found to have been constructed with a similar type of cladding to the one used on the Grenfell Tower.

The Guardian reported last month that E&J have told residents that they have to pay the £100,000 cost of interim fire wardens needed to make the building safe until the cladding is replaced.

The company even took legal action to enforce the charge, which one resident said would cost him an extra £235-a-month.

Matthew Crisp told the Manchester Evening News:

“I’m worried this now sets a precedent for us to foot the bill for the cladding too, and that’s devastating, as I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue living in my home.”

Crisp’s fears aren’t unfounded.

Scrapbook revealed in January how residents living in a building owned by a separate millionaire Tory donor were forced to pay the £2 million to replace flammable cladding.

The Government say they are clear that “private sector landlords follow the lead of the social sector and not pass on the costs of essential fire safety works.”

So why do the Tories keep taking their money?”

One thought on “Tory donor puts screws on tenants in Grenfell-type block

  1. If the landlord chose the wrong cladding (possibly in contravention of building regulations), then surely it is his responsibility to make good. (If on the other hand the tenants chose the cladding, then it would be there responsibility – but that seems pretty unlikely.)

    It is about time that Theresa May showed some leadership and stepped in and actually did something about incorrect cladding – like forcing landlords to fix it immediately and foot the bill as well – rather than at best wringing her hands and saying how terrible it is or at worst doing and saying absolutely nothing.


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