“May wrong to blame housing crisis on councils, says LGA”

“… The truth is that councils are currently approving nine in 10 planning applications, which shows that the planning system is working well and is not a barrier to building,” Porter said.

“Nearly three-quarters (73%) of planning refusals are upheld on appeal, vindicating councils’ original decisions. It is completely wrong, therefore, to suggest the country’s failure to build the housing it desperately needs is down to councils.”

He said the government proposal to put independent inspectors in place where councils were seen to be blocking housing development was “unhelpful and misguided”.”


One thought on ““May wrong to blame housing crisis on councils, says LGA”

  1. Yes, but local authorities are a brilliant scapegoat when as a Government you decide to let the same developers that donate to your party write the planning rules for you and then (surprise, surprise) they work in the favour of the developers and not the public.


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