More than 2,000 deaths due to cold snap Ministers were warned about 3 months ago

Fuel poverty – does our CCG take this into account when sending people home with a “care package” – no. And we are the 6th richest country in the world.

“The death toll from Britain’s big freeze could rise to more than 2,000, as it emerged the Met Office had warned ministers a month ago about the cold snap.

The number of people who have died in cold homes in the UK might reach 100 per day this winter, a charity warned in an analysis of Office for National Statistics figures. …

But amid the expected lift in most travel restrictions on Monday, experts have begun to assess the health impacts of the cold snap.

The estimated rise in deaths, compared to a five-year average, comes as thousands face broken down boilers and fuel poverty, preventing them from heating their homes to safe temperatures.

Campaigners claimed that public health officials had been too slow in warning the public – particularly the vulnerable and elderly – of potential health risks so they could protect themselves. …

Peter Smith, director of policy for National Energy Action, said that the weather would likely see an average of as many as 100 people per day perishing in cold homes this winter, compared to a five-year average of 80 people per day.

The total number of cold-home deaths due to the “Beast from the East” cold front is therefore estimated to be more than 2,300.

At least ten deaths have so far been attributed to the cold weather, but the true death toll is likely to take longer to emerge due to the increase in strokes and heart attacks linked to cold weather.

Mr Smith’s analysis is based on ONS data from previous years and a comparable period of cold weather in the winter of 2010-11.

The World Health Organisation estimates that an overall proportion of 30 per cent of excess winter deaths are due to cold homes. … “