Swire still can’t let go of his old Foreign Office job and The Maldives

One has to feel sorry for poor old Swire. Once upon a time he swanned round the Middle East as a Foreign Office Minister. Now, he STILL swans around the area as Chairman of the Cobservative Middle East Council (salary £2,000 per month plus expenses) with its ties to somewhat controversial donors:


Swire succeeded in getting a special adjournment debate about the country in which he took an inordinate amount of interest when he was a Minister of State at the Foreign Office. And during this debate he spoke very knowledgeably about its tourism situation:

“The Maldives economy remains a tourism driven economy in that it contributes more than 25% of the country’s GDP. While the tourism sector supplies more than 70% of the foreign exchange earnings to the country, one third of the Government revenue is generated from this sector. Tourism is also known as the leading employment generator in the country. In 2016, tourism contributed 36.4% to the Government revenue. But as a result of the current situation, the Maldives is facing financial ruin, with the tourism industry estimated to be losing $20 million a day since the start of the state of emergency. If the trend continues, it will lead to unemployment and dissatisfaction, to my way of thinking both active recruiting sergeants for radicalisation, and with our tourists spread out over 115 square miles in 105 resorts it is almost impossible to guarantee their safety.”

But it seems that the current Minister of State at the Foreign Office is rather fed up of his predecessor’s continuing interference in his area:

“I am grateful to my right hon. Friend Sir Hugo Swire for securing this debate. During his time as one of my predecessors in the office I currently hold, he was tireless in his efforts to improve the political and human rights situation for all the people of the Maldives. I pay great tribute to him for his continued commitment to this cause and share his disappointment and alarm at the recent deterioration in the political outlook in the Maldives”


One thought on “Swire still can’t let go of his old Foreign Office job and The Maldives

  1. It’s a real pity that Huge Swire doesn’t put the same amount of effort into promoting tourism in his own constituency.

    I have no doubt that if the Maldives were able to elect an MP to our Parliament, then Hugo would be an ideal candidate. But as MP for East Devon, when he puts the interests of another country on the other side of then world ahead of the interests of his own constituents, then he should recognise that he is unsuited for this and resign forthwith in order to let someone who genuinely has the interests of East Devon at heart (like Claire Wright – who actually lives here) to become MP instead.


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