Street trading in East Devon – when bureaucrats go wild!

Translation: we made what was supposed to be a simpler system MUCH more complicated and now we are frantically paddling under the water while trying to make it simpler again but, being bureaucrats, we are finding this difficult”. Good luck with that.

“… since the introduction of the new system last October, the council says that it has received commented that it can be confusing and inflexible.

… Now though the council has announced they will be reviewing the street trading policy with a view to removing the street trading application fee charge entirely, giving clearer guidance on the activities that do and don’t require consent, a less detailed application form with less supporting information required and a more streamlined procedure for processing the application. …

… Cllr Steve Hall, the chairman of the licensing and enforcement committee, said: “Having listened to our customers, the council has identified the need to make refinements to ensure that it delivers in the way which was intended.”

One thought on “Street trading in East Devon – when bureaucrats go wild!

  1. Pity that the Licensing and Enforcement Committee didn’t “listen to [their] customers” before pursuing a “charge everybody for everything” policy that is “confusing and inflexible”.

    A mantra that the Conservative leadership of EDDC might benefit from taking to heart: Think and consult and actually listen before you act.


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