“Councils STILL unable to access billions of pounds for new houses”

“A £2bn fund to build a new generation of council homes is yet to be released despite the UK’s shortage of social housing.

Theresa May promised five months ago that the state would address the crisis.

But Paul Dennett, elected Labour mayor of Salford, said councils still cannot apply for the money.

In a letter to Sajid Javid, secretary of state for housing, he wrote: “We are concerned and frustrated that… 

“We are still being advised by Homes England and partner registered providers [housing associations] that the guidelines for the allocation of grants to build homes for social rent have not been published, and that no date has been set for when this funding will be made available.” …

Councils are currently prevented from using the proceeds of social housing sales to build replacement homes.

Instead regulations have required private developers to build or fund so-called affordable housing with rents at 20 per cent below the market average. …

Mr Javid has yet to reply to Mr Dennett’s letter asking for details about the £2bn fund.

The Ministry of Housing said: “We are delivering the homes our country needs and since 2010 we have built over 357,000 new affordable properties.

“But we are determined to do more and we are investing a further £9bn, including £2bn to help councils and housing associations build homes for social rent.” …


One thought on ““Councils STILL unable to access billions of pounds for new houses”

  1. Q: How can you promise money for building affordable homes for people, but still stick to your austerity agenda at all costs?

    A: Make £2bn of funding “available”, but don’t allow anyone to bid for it.

    See also the £800m budgeted for affordable homes but returned to the treasury unspent. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/mar/10/housing-budget-817-million-unspent-astonished-mps

    See also the dysfunctional “Help to Buy” scheme which has ended up benefiting the already well -off http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/help-to-buy-property-millions-pounds-government-housing-home-ownership-shelter-a8156631.html

    What an utter (and contemptible) mess this Government has made of the housing market.


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