Homelessness minister doesn’t know why homelessness has risen!

“The UK’s new homelessness minister has told the Guardian she does not know why the number of rough sleepers has increased so significantly in recent years. Heather Wheeler said she did not accept the suggestion that welfare reforms and council cuts had contributed to the rise.” …


One thought on “Homelessness minister doesn’t know why homelessness has risen!

  1. There are only two possibilities here:

    a. Heather Wheeler does know, and is lying through her teeth; or
    b. She is completely and utterly clueless.

    To be honest, I really cannot decide which is worse. They are both pretty damning statements.

    But the good news is that this does appear to be one example of how Conservative policies are for the many rather than the few.

    Conservatives – for the Many homeless not the Few homeless.


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