Control of community care in Nottinghamshire falls to controversial US company

“NHS Protectors’ worst fears are being realised as USA’s Centene is likely to control Greater Nottingham Accountable Care System, by taking over the NHS Commissioner’s role in a £206m community services contract.

At the very time that its discredited subsidiary Ribera Salud – which is being kicked out of Spain by the Valencia Green/Podemos/Socialist government – has appointed former New Labour Health Secretary Alan Milburn as a Director and has sent lots of executives to UK to help Centene UK with its plan of buying primary care and mental health companies.

The UK subsidiary of Centene – a US sub-prime health insurance profiteer that has got rich off managing Obamacare’s publicly-funded Medicaid programmes which provide health insurance for people on a low income – is likely to take over the NHS commissioner’s role in the £206m, 7 year contract for out-of-hospital community services, that Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group recently awarded to Nottingham City Partnership Community Interest Company. …”

This seems to bear out NHS protectors’ worst fears that Accountable Care Systems or Organisations are Trojan horses designed to import US companies into key controlling positions in these new types of local NHS and social care services.

Centene UK, assisted by executives from its discredited Spanish subsidiary Ribera Salud, is also studying the acquisition of primary care and mental health companies in the United Kingdom, according to recent reports from Valencia Plaza.

Ribera Salud recently appointed the former New Labour Health Secretary Alan Milburn to its Board of Directors, to help it “continue with its expansion plans.” In addition, during the recent visit to Valencia of the United Kingdom’s ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, a British manager of Ribera Salud contacted him to explain the company’s plans. …

Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group will become part of the Nottinghamshire/Greater Nottingham Accountable Care System. This will be:

“a single risk bearing entity to managing [sic] the entire care continuum. The successful provider must form part of the ACS and…will be expected to help shape and deliver its part of the single risk bearing entity.”

This sounds like the Accountable Care Organisation contract – which NHS England is not approving now and which is the subject of two Judicial Reviews in the Spring and a public consultation at some unspecified point in time.

The contract notification says that when the Accountable Care System is implemented, this will require a contract variation which:

“will require the successful provider to provide its consent to the potential future transfer of the CCG’s role under the contract.”

This contract variation will mean transferring the contract from Nottingham Clinical Commissioning Group to another provider, or the Care Integrator (Centene UK).

It seems that Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group has taken a gamble on the likelihood that NHS England will be approving the Accountable Care Organisation contract by the time the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership has figured out its business case to consider the options for partner organisations in managing the Accountable Care System components and has secured legal and procurement support to advise on this.”