Hunt fires warning shots about social care

“Jeremy Hunt has promised an upcoming green paper will “jump start” a debate with the public about how social care should be funded in the future.

Speaking to an audience of social care workers on Tuesday, the health secretary recognised the “economics of the publicly funded social care market are highly fragile” and said care models needed to “transform and evolve”.

He said: “We will therefore look at how the government can prime innovation in the market, develop the evidence for new models and services, and encourage new models of care provision to expand at scale.”

Hunt outlined seven key principles the government is considering as it draws up its social care green paper, due to be released before the summer.

He added: “We must make sure there is a long-term financially sustainable approach to funding the whole system.”

He added that this would “take time” but “must not be an excuse to put off necessary reforms”.

“Nor must it delay the debate we need to have with the public about where the funding for social care in the future should come from – so the green paper will jump-start that debate,” Hunt promised.

He also said he would look at making paying for social care fairer and less dependent on the “lottery of which illness” a person gets.

He explained the green paper would look at giving people greater control over the care they received, announcing he would consult on personal health budgets. …”

One thought on “Hunt fires warning shots about social care

  1. It’s funny how Hunt only wants to “jump start a debate with the public” when his previous decisions have caused the Tory brand to become ultra-toxic.

    Where was – or indeed is – his enthusiasm for “a debate with the public” about privatisation of the NHS, or mass closures of hospitals etc. etc.

    For anyone open minded enough to think about this:

    a. Why should we forgive him for his anti-democratic stance (which is still ongoing) over creating an NHS crisis of a scale never before seen, and for the destruction and privatisation of the NHS without ANY election manifesto pledge or mandate;

    b. Why should we believe that he is really genuine about such a debate – after all if he really believed in such things, in the people of the UK having a democratic debate about the funding of the NHS, he would have “jump started a debate” about the NHS 8 years ago, not just make a decision to trash it and then to press on with it regardless of widely expressed public opinion.

    There is a reason that I call him Jeremy “Thick” Hunt, and I am sure you can work out why I chose this nickname for him.


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