Swire: Maldives, Saudi Arabia, the Commonwealth – SO,SO busy!

Future of the Commonwealth – [Philip Davies in the Chair] (21 Mar 2018)

Hugo Swire: Does my hon. Friend agree that another reason to be optimistic is that the incoming President of South Africa was a major figure within the Commonwealth family? He believes in the Commonwealth, he gets it, he is coming to London and hopefully he will make South Africa a far bigger player in the Commonwealth family than has hitherto been the case.

Future of the Commonwealth – [Philip Davies in the Chair] (21 Mar 2018)

Hugo Swire: I draw attention to my entry in the Register of Members’
Financial Interests as deputy chairman of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council. I want to join in the congratulations to my hon.
Friend the Member for Gloucester (Richard Graham). My old friend is a stalwart proponent of all things Commonwealth. It is very good that we have Commonwealth debates from time to time….”

One thought on “Swire: Maldives, Saudi Arabia, the Commonwealth – SO,SO busy!

  1. “Water, water everywhere, but ne’er a drop to drink.”

    Hugo can spout on for hours and hours and hours and hours about issues elsewhere in the world (like tourism in the Middle East or jingoistic pontification and mutual back-patting about the Commonwealth), but wouldn’t it be nice if the Owl could report frequently how he was speaking up and fighting on behalf of his own constituents and about issues in his own constituency (like tourism in East Devon for example) but unfortunately speeches about these are much much much much much more difficult to find.


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