Insolvent Tory council to be run by Commissioners

“A ‘bankrupt’ Tory council will be TAKEN OVER by Commissioners in a drastic, rare step after completely running out of money.

Northamptonshire County Council will be stripped of the power to run its own affairs after a damning inspection into the financial crisis at the town hall.

Now it will be run by Commissioners following a decision by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Labour said they were vindicated as Local Government Secretary Sajid Javid announced the move in the House of Commons.

Shadow Local Government Secretary Andrew Gwynne blamed “eight years of intransigence and austerity” as “the council bragged about its pioneering approach to services, basically running them like a business.”

“The private sector cannot deliver adequate services when there is too little funding,” he said. …”

One thought on “Insolvent Tory council to be run by Commissioners

  1. It would be easy for me (an ex-Tory voter) to blame the leadership at Northamptonshire County Council for getting themselves into this position by trying to square the circle by treating everything as a business and failing – which is effectively what the Tory Government is now doing to a Tory council because it is easier to blame the council than to accept responsibility themselves.

    It is now abundantly clear to anyone who care to take a genuine interest in such things, that the fundamental Tory dogma that everything is better off run by private enterprise rather than as a public service is now well and truly debunked.

    Councils cannot be starved of funds and forced to run themselves as a business (with risky investments in “get rich quick(ish) schemes”) and then be expected to be both successful at funding themselves and successful in providing essential services to their residents.

    You would have thought by now that there were enough examples of failed privatised services and dodgy deals and fat-cat bosses that it would be obvious to even the most stubborn, die-hard, privatisation nut in the Conservative Party that privatisation is not always the best solution – or indeed pretty often not the best solution (or possibly “not often” or “hardly often” or even “never” – I am still waiting for someone/anyone to point me to a privatisation that has been successful for the public in the long run with several such challenges and no examples put forward).

    But perhaps the reason that the Conservatives persist with this dogma in the face of overwhelming evidence that it is not a long-term good idea is that their Party, and in many cases them as individuals, are funded by the same millionaires and large-corporates that benefit from these privatisations.

    I am not saying it is legally corrupt – after all it is the government receiving these donations that makes the laws that decide whether they are legally corrupt. I am not even saying that it is actually morally corrupt – but what I am saying is that it has the appearance and smell of moral corruption, and as they say, if it moves like a duck and quacks like a duck then in all probability it is a duck.

    Conservatives – always ready to blame the many rather than the few.


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