Committee promises to double the number of unicorns in Devon and Somerset

How will we know that this committee can or will double productivity in 20 years? They will tell us in 20 years time! How will we know if they are correct? Answers on a postcard …

From the press release:

“Representatives from 23 organisations across Devon and Somerset today agreed steps to drive up productivity at the first meeting of the Heart of the South West (HotSW) Joint Committee.

The inaugural meeting of the Joint Committee unanimously endorsed the Productivity Strategy that has been taking shape over the last two years and aims to double productivity over 20 years.

At the meeting in Plymouth City Council offices, the committee also voted unanimously to appoint Councillor David Fothergill, Leader of Somerset County Council, as the first Chair of the new committee and Councillor Paul Diviani, Leader of East Devon District Council, as the Vice Chair. …

… The Productivity Strategy aims to double productivity in the area over 20 years, focussing on themes including promoting business leadership, housing, connectivity, infrastructure, skills and training. It looks at growth, capitalising on the area’s distinctive assets and maximising the potential of digital technology. … [just as a large part of digital technology has gone into freefall!]

Somerset County Council is acting as the host of the HotSW Joint Committee and meeting agendas and further information including the full Productivity Strategy can be found here:

One thought on “Committee promises to double the number of unicorns in Devon and Somerset

  1. Come on Owl – why should we not believe our councillors and unelected overpaid puffed-up self-important LEP executives when they promise to deliver us the sort of growth projections that every other LEP / council in the UK (and indeed every other country in the world) can only dream of and be envious of?

    Isn’t our LEP staffed with the brainiest business minds ever to grace our boardrooms (second only to those previously on the Carrillion Board of Directors)? We know that they must be the cleverest business people ever because they are paid so much!!

    (Note to LEP CEO: get on the blower – there are extremely experienced and talented ex-Carrillion executives (who are all “good chaps”) available and ready to serve on the LEP Board!!)

    But as the Owl says, what does it matter that they waste their time and our money on delusional growth figures? After all, as the Owl also points out, these figures are not going to be measurable anyway, and even if they are who is going to remember them in 20 years if they aren’t delivered? And even if we do remember in 20 years (assuming that the LEP even lasts that long), it will not be the same people as now, so there is absolutely no risk whatsoever of the current councillors and business people who make up the LEP actually being held to account personally. And in any case, if we try to hold them to account, they will say it was on track at the 10 year point when they left, and the new crop of Board members will blame their predecessors – so no risk to anyone.

    No, there is really no problem to be concerned about – they can be free to have meetings, pontificate and bluster and pat each other on the back and tell everyone what good chaps and chapesses they are, whilst taking home their huge salaries (that we pay for), without any possible risk that they will be held to account.

    P.S. If you voted Conservative, the councillors and business-folk on the LEP board thank you from the bottom of their wallets for your votes that made this largess possible. They promise they won’t let you down, continuing to spend your tax payments without accountability in the knowledge that this is exactly what you, the majority voters, are wanting.


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