“Ain’t too proud to beg”

Hot on the heels of this article:

“A donation box installed on Sidmouth seafront that has been removed for maintenance will not be reinstated as the repairs are ‘too costly’.

A Freedom of Information Request submitted to the council had revealed that so far the council has received less money in donations than the cost of installing the box itself. …

… The cost of the sign and its legs were £276, and the cost of the box was £125, and the amount collected to date is £165.75, the Freedom of Information Request reveals. …”


comes this cartoon from the current Private Eye:

2 thoughts on ““Ain’t too proud to beg”

  1. Why would anyone donate whilst EDDC continue to conceal the true costs of the new “vanity” HQ in Honiton. A very odd set of priorities indeed!


  2. “Defra will fund £5.7million of the scheme, but a further £3.3million of partnership funding is required for the programme, and the donation box and its accompanying explanatory sign had been placed on Sidmouth seafront.”

    “The donation box was installed was installed at the request of the Sidmouth Beach Management Plan funding sub-group to raise awareness for the need for local contributions towards funding…”

    I cannot imagine how EDDC / Sidmouth Beach Management Plan thought they would raise £3.3m in cash donations from a tiny box on a post on the sea-front.

    But it is, of course, a great excuse for not doing anything – “Honest gov’, we was goin’ to do somethin’ to stop houses fallin’ into the briny, but the public would only cough up £165 in small change and not the £3.3m in large cheques we needed.”


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