Plymouth gives away site; developer puts PART of it up for sale for £6 million

“Parts of the Plymouth Pavilions have been listed for possible sale, it has been revealed.

Devon businessman James Brent, who was given the site by Plymouth City Council in 2012, has advertised the pavilions as a “development site” with a guide price of £6m.

He is not selling the Pavilions centrepiece – its music arena. He plans to keep and improve that area.

In 2012, the council, which could not afford to renovate the site, struck a deal with Mr Brent. The authority called the decision “a huge step forward” for the Pavilions and claimed £83m would be invested.

Tim Jones, from the South West Business Council, said he was “disappointed” the potential development had not happened before the site went on the market.

No-one we’ve spoken to is accusing Mr Brent of profiteering, even if this sale does go through, as it was costing the cash-strapped council more than £1.5m a year to keep the Pavilions going. Mr Brent has taken that burden on.

A spokesman for Mr Brent said the businessman was “just exploring options”.