3 thoughts on “One law for the rich, one law for the NHS

  1. Oh, Diana, if only…

    If only this was the only disgraceful action by the Tories.
    If only the Tories were honest with us about their policies.
    If only the Tories played their game of politics fairly – indeed if only they didn’t treat it as a game that you are allowed to cheat in.
    If only the public were willing to open their eyes and see for themselves what is happening.

    And just in case people are unaware or have forgotten some of their other disgraceful acts…

    1. Detaining and / or causing to lose their jobs and / or refusing health treatment for Windrush citizens.

    2. Failing to mention making all schools Academy schools in their 2015 General Election manifesto but moving immediately to a vote on this policy without debate as soon as they had won the election.

    3. Forcing severely disabled people to go through a benefits assessment where the assessors are on bonuses for every benefits claim they deny.

    4. Failing to do anything for the Grenfell Tower survivors or to ensure that similar cladding that fails fire tests is replaced promptly – indeed its also a disgrace that they have sat on the recommendations from the previous tower fire that might have prevented the Grenfell Tower from happening in the first place. Its also a disgrace that better fireproof cladding was not used in order to save another £5,000 on top of existing savings of over £1m which were handed back to rich council tax payers instead of used to fund e.g. installation of sprinklers.

    5. Closing NHS beds when demand is increasing.

    6. Lying through their teeth on everything – but especially NHS funding, and their privatisation plans.

    I could probably go on for several more pages for central government, and then another dozen pages for local Devon government.


    • Paul, I agree with every single point you have made. Well you remember who named them the ‘Nasty Party”.They are certainly living up to their reputation. Not saying the alternative will do better, but they cannot do worse!


  2. They are of course making it so much easier for private hospitals to prosper, while the NHS struggles along; the whole business is a disgrace.


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