3 thoughts on “Telegraph says East Devon constituency is a marginal seat

  1. Hmmm…..

    The use of the phrase “Non-Hugo fans” somehow seems to suggest that actual “Hugo fans” actually exist (leaving aside Hugo himself of course).

    Yes – the Conservative Party candidate may have received more votes than the Independent candidate in the last East Devon Constituency election, but it doesn’t automatically follow that they were voting that way because of their love of Hugo rather than their love of the Conservative Party or even because of their fears about Jeremy Corbyn engendered by a somewhat biased press.

    It is, in my opinion, pretty likely that the proportion of Claire’s voters who are genuine fans of Claire is somewhat higher than the proportion of Hugo voter’s who are genuine fans of Hugo. If only the election was like a clapometer where your strength of fervour (or fandom) carried weight – I am sure Claire would have won by a landslide.

    If it is any sign of fandom, I once asked several small shopkeepers in Ottery St. Mary what they thought of Hugo, and the majority of them said bluntly that they would not have him in their shop! Clearly they are definitely “Non-Hugo fans”!!


  2. What a relief! Non-Hugo fans can cast off our ‘vile scum’ labels and be proudly and confidently ‘marginal.’ VERY confidently.


  3. But Tiverton and Honiton ( Neil Parish) is still East Devon and considered to be a safe seat; But they need not start counting their chickens yet, there is so much discontent around here, especially with the NHS and our local hospitals and their services,: we were betrayed and lied to, so many people have now said that they cannot vote for them ever again. And there is a lot more unhappiness about many other issues with this government. What we need here is another Claire!!


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