“The Times” hates potholes

Three different articles in the newspaper today:

“Thousands of roadworks a year will be shifted on to pavements under government plans to cut congestion and prevent roads from being plagued by potholes, The Times has learnt. …”

“Britain’s roads are worse than those in Chile, Cyprus and Oman despite motorists paying some of the highest taxes in the world. …”

“Potholes are being left untreated for up to a year as councils hide behind red tape to avoid dealing with them and save money. …”

Source: The Times (pay wall)

One thought on ““The Times” hates potholes

  1. So how does that work then?

    You use a magic wand to shift the pothole onto the pavement?

    And when you close the pavement and force pedestrians onto the road, what happens to safety? Especially when a car hits a pothole and swerves a little.


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