“Ex-Tory MP And His Floating Dog Inexplicably ‘Photoshopped In To Road Junction Protest’ “

Yet another “you couldn’t make it up” Tory fiasco!

“A row has broken out over an ex-Tory MP being photoshopped in to a picture of local people campaigning about a dangerous road junction in north London.

David Burrowes, who represented Enfield Southgate until he lost his seat to Labour in 2017, was last month pictured protesting with local Conservatives … or was he?

The Enfield Independent reported that the local conservative group first sent the picture of the campaigners to illustrate its efforts to lobby for traffic islands at the junction.

In the picture above, Burrowes is pictured on the left with his Labrador, Cholmeley. The group later sent the image without Burrowes or his dog. …”

One thought on ““Ex-Tory MP And His Floating Dog Inexplicably ‘Photoshopped In To Road Junction Protest’ “

  1. Perhaps David Burrowes and his dog were just the last people to be photoshopped in, and the photo without him that was issued was simply the penultimate photoshop save file rather than the final one. If so, this could simply be a stock picture of the junction without a protest happening, but with every single person added using photoshop.

    Indeed, if all the other people were really there, why would it be necessary to add one man and his dog extra – logically it makes much more sense to believe that it was an empty street corner with all the people photoshopped.

    My point is a simple one – when the photograph WITH David Burrows and his dog was issued, no one thought it was a fake. But now we are questioning whether the whole thing is a fake because this particular Conservative group have shown that they cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

    I use this example as a way of showing how trust is essential, and that if you show you can not be trusted a little bit, the assumption needs to be made that you cannot be trusted at all.

    Conservatives – for the many liars not the few with integrity.


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