Julian Assange (Wikileaks) and Swire: “Not my stone, not my shoe”

In a story about how the Ecuadorian embassy turned from offering Julian Assange (of Wikileaks notoriety) asylum to spying on him, using a flat close to the embassy set up for the task there is an interesting passing reference to our MP:

“… Every month, the security company sent a confidential list of Assange’s visitors to the Ecuadorian president. There were additional “extraordinary” reports. Sometimes, the company included stills from secret video footage of interesting guests, plus profiles and analysis. They also reported when a packet of sweets was lobbed on to the balcony, seemingly a present for Assange.

It is these visitor logs that will interest [Robert] Mueller [investigating connections between Trump, Assange and Russia]. He is reportedly close to indicting Russian hackers allegedly behind the raid on the Democrats’ electronic servers and seems to view WikiLeaks as an integral part of the Kremlin’s multifaceted espionage operation. The FBI has interviewed at least one source close to Operation Guest, it is understood.The external surveillance team wrote up descriptions of these encounters. They were sent back to Senain and Correa, sources say. The then Ecuadorian foreign minister, Ricardo Patiño, visited Assange in London, talking with him into the early hours, and criticised Britain for failing to find a solution to the standoff. The UK was unmoved.

Asked what the government planned to do about Assange, the then foreign minister, Hugo Swire, said: “Not my stone, not my shoe.” …”