“Devon County Councillors have just given themselves a 15 per cent pay rise”

“Devon County Councillors have voted to give themselves an immediate 15 per cent hike in their allowances.

The independent remuneration panel had recommended that a rise from the current figure of £10,970 to £12,607 to be implemented by the council.

No rise in allowances for members has taken place in the last nine years.

The allowance for the leader of the council will go up from £25,000 to £31,518. …

The leader of the council, Cllr John Hart said that since the Conservatives had come to power in 2009, over a million pounds had been saved already as they had reduced the number of committee places and that there had been report after report from the independent remuneration panel recommending this.

He said: “This report came to us in 2016 and we all bottled it and didn’t recommended putting it up before the election in 2017. But this is the time to do it and link any future raise in allowance to raises in staff pay.”

Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, Cllr Alan Connett, said that no-one disagreed with the proposals but the money for this wasn’t in the budget and that by putting up allowances straight away, it won’t change a thing in terms of how diverse the council will be. …

… Of the 60 current county councillors, 52 of them are over the age of the 50, and 15 are aged more than 70. There are just three councillors who are younger than 40 and none under the age of 30.”


One thought on ““Devon County Councillors have just given themselves a 15 per cent pay rise”

  1. So really the headline should be that the Leader of the Council has awarded himself a pay rise of over 26% because after all he tells the other Conservative councillors how to vote, and by awarding them a 15% rise he has guaranteed that they will vote as told.

    How cynical it was to delay awarding themselves this amount until after the elections. Did they think that the electorate might vote differently if they knew in advance that this was going to happen? Was it in their manifesto by chance?

    I wonder how the DCC Chief Executive has done over the 9 years? And how ordinary staff have done?

    And if ordinary staff have received much below the 15% or 26% received by councillors, are they going to be aggrieved and make big pay demands next time around?

    Conservatives – for the “Us” not the “Them”.


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