“Swire: Time has come for international community to name and shame all guilty of influencing ballots” – no, of course he isn’t talking about East Devon!

No, this isn’t East Devon he’s talking about. Yet again, it’s the Maldives, of which Swire can never seem get enough:

“… Former Foreign and Commonwealth Office minister and Conservative MP for East Devon, Hugo Swire has said that politically influenced and controlled Elections Commission of the Maldives is seen attempting to freeze out opposition parties as Presidential election slated for September approaches.

In a tweet posted on his official twitter account on Wednesday, Swire wrote that the time has come for the international community to “name and shame all those guilty” of attempting to influence the ballots.

Swire also wrote that to date, adequate reaction from the international community has not been uttered, pointing out that “more robust action is desperately needed”.

The former minister further wrote that time may now be approaching when celebrities and tourists start to boycott the Maldives. …”


Oh dear – poor celebrities and tourists!!!

And, meanwhile, in your own backyard, Mr Swire … ?

Guess there will be no “emerging energy market” in the Maldives for Swire and Lord Barker’s company: