Why the Grenfell Tower fire happened – by a survivor

““Every single link in this chain is going to be found to be rotten and cancerous,” Daffern [the survivor who had lived there for 16 years and predicted the tragedy in his blog] said.

“The government didn’t implement the inquest recommendations after the Lakanal House fire where six people died in 2009. Had they done that Grenfell wouldn’t have happened. RBKC failed to carry out scrutiny of the TMO.

“The way the TMO [Tenant Management Organisation] operated, the handling of the contracts, the construction, through to the building regs, the materials that were used, the consultation process.”

When asked what links these failures, he said: “Greed, lack of respect, lack of humanity. It is the opposite of everything it should be. This is housing as a commodity to be exploited. It is not only in RBKC [Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea], it is what housing has become.”


One thought on “Why the Grenfell Tower fire happened – by a survivor

  1. What Daffern didn’t say (but should have) is that all the above happened under the Conservatives.

    The Conservatives in Government – and Theresa May specifically as Home Secretary – ignored the Lakanal House report and allowed this to happen.

    The Conservative RBKC council saved £5,000 in total by using flammable cladding, and saved more by deciding not to install a sprinkler system, but returned £1m to council tax payers (who already have one of the lowest council tax bills in the country) as a “refund” just before the council elections.

    (RBKC has a very low social care need, so the council tax for their millionaire homeowners doesn’t rise, but here in Devon we have a significant social care need and so ordinary people don’t get refunds but instead get eye watering Council Tax rises to pay for social care – and all because the government has cut to almost zero the common nationwide provision of social care in favour of a post-code lottery approach.)


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