“School In Theresa May’s Constituency Asks Parents To Donate Toilet Paper And Stationery”

“A school in Theresa May’s constituency has asked parents for donations of essential items such as toilet roll, stationery and blue tac.

St Edmund Campion Catholic Primary School in Maidenhead, Berkshire, sent parents an email including a link to an Amazon wish list on Monday detailing items they could buy to help its 420 pupils.

Catherine del Campo, whose 10-year-old daughter attends the school, told HuffPost UK she was “extremely concerned” to receive the email. “I felt that if this is happening to our school it must be happening elsewhere,” she said.

The mum has already donated toilet paper and plasters to the school and says other parents have also been “incredibly supportive”. “I haven’t heard a single parent blaming the school, although I’m aware others have questioned the school’s role in this,” she said.

3 thoughts on ““School In Theresa May’s Constituency Asks Parents To Donate Toilet Paper And Stationery”

  1. So there you have it.

    Screw over the majority of primary school kids – and possibly students other parts of the education system (though I haven’t checked their figures and it would be unclear where the Grammar School funding is included since it is not separated out) – by reducing their funding in order to give funding to a much smaller elitist type of education that benefits the middle class voters that are the traditional Tory demographic.

    We should not be surprised. This is the Modus Operandi of the Nasty Party – a sort of anti-Robin-Hood, robbing the poor to pay the moderately rich.


  2. yet she wants to spend 50million for more grammar school places – at the expense of all the other childrens’ education


  3. Here is the spending chart for Primary Education: https://www.ukpublicspending.co.uk/spending_chart_2017_2020UKm_17c1li1181215_675cs_21t

    And the data behind it:

    2017 £816.00m actual
    2018 £730.00m budget
    2019 £741.00m budget
    2020 £748.00m budget

    So as you can see, the government has cut £86m (or over 10%) from last years spending of £816m from primary (and pre-primary) education.

    Given the size and impact of these cuts, we have to hope that they are being spread equally across the UK (without the Government playing its normal game of favourites for ministers constituencies and marginal constituencies) and that the cuts in Devon’s primary schools are average (rather than being below average that we typically see in Devon).

    The costs of maintaining and heating the school buildings are fixed, as are the salaries of individual staff, you would either need to lose (say) 20% of staff or perhaps lose 50% of the budget for consumables like toilet rolls or pencils or exercise books.

    Like most of the Tories spending cuts, the consequences are entirely predictable – and as such the blame can only be placed with the Government and Prime Minister Theresa May.

    And with at least three years of budgets below 2017s spending, things are not going to get any better soon.


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