A BUS to get to hospital? How quaint! How shameful! How hopeless!

The comment below on reductions to bus services deserves its own post – herewith:

“I have been contacted telepathically by several local politicians who have asked me to respond to this on their behalf:

Person A: Surely everyone has a car (or a friend with a car) in order to get to hospital? Honestly, buses are so 20th century.

Person B: I feel very strongly that the bus services should be retained and even enhanced. After all, how will the people of the Maldives get to hospital if their bus services are withdrawn?

Person C: If people can’t get to hospital under their own steam, then it is probably too late for the medical teams to be able to help them. Perhaps your local pharmacy can help instead? Or maybe the local herbalist or witch doctor?

Person D: The Government is committed to a strong and stable bus system, and we will be implementing an integrated, multi-service, joined-up bus-service consultation once the Brexit negotiations and transition period are complete and the economy has recovered.”