Neil Parish: is his only job as one of our MPs to stick up for fellow farmers?

We rarely hear these days from or about Tiverton and Honiton MP Neil Parish. As our other absentee MP (he farms on the Somerset/North Devon border where he has his home) his visits to East Devon seem to get more and more rare.

But when he does pipe up, it always seems to be for fellow farmers.

What about the rest of your patch Mr Parish? Closed community hospitals, overdevelopment, no affordable housing, poor transport links, education cuts …. anything to say about them?

Seems our two MPs have little interest in their constituencies but an awful lot of self-interest.

“Sainsbury’s and Asda bosses faced accusations in Parliament on Wednesday that their £14 billion mega-merger could end up “cutting the throats” of suppliers.

Neil Parish, the chairman of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, launched a scathing tirade about the effects the deal will have on suppliers while the chains’ bosses were grilled in Parliament. He said: “You say it’s a cut-throat business out there. Yes it is, but I know exactly whose throats you’re going to cut.”

The merging grocers have pledged to cut prices on some, unspecified products by 10%. Parish said: “If you’re going to make anywhere near the 10% [price] saving in a hugely competitive market, you will have to take the model of the cheapest buying. Don’t come in here and give us a load of baloney. You’re going to get most of that from a supply chain.” …

Oh, and global warming and coastal erosion, unavailable home care, child poverty, food banks …..

Do you represent your constituents in Parliament – or just the National Farmers Union?