Swire’s mate and co-director continues to court the wrong kind of controversy

Swire is a co-director with Barker in a company (Eaglesham Investments) set up to do business in “emerging energy markets”:


Now Barker is dealing with a lobbying firm with close links to Trump:

“Tory peer Lord Barker hires Trump aide to fight Oleg Deripaska sanctions

The Tory peer who chairs Oleg Deripaska’s EN+ has hired a lobby firm with close links to President Donald Trump at a cost of £82,000 a month, as the Russian aluminium giant races to avoid US sanctions.

Lord Barker, an energy minister under David Cameron, has appointed Mercury Public Affairs to engage in “executive branch and legislative branch outreach” on his behalf, according to documents filed with the US Department of Justice. Mercury is charging the London-listed EN+ $109,000 a month for its services. Mercury has approached the French, German, Australian and Irish ambassadors to the US, urging them to lobby the American government in support of a plan put forward by Barker to reduce Deripaska’s influence and therefore avoid sanctions. …”

Source: Sunday Times (pay wall)