“Half of council staff considering quitting their job, survey finds” (What! only half!)

“Half of council workers are thinking of leaving their job for less stressful work elsewhere, according to a new survey by trade union Unison.

Six out of ten council workers surveyed said they don’t feel secure in their job, with over half (53%) saying their workload is unmanageable.

The survey also found eight in ten (79%) council workers have no confidence in the future of local services due to spending cuts, with 83% saying cuts have had a negative impact on their ability to do the job as well as they can.

Over half of those surveyed (53%) believe their council no longer delivers quality services, with 48% saying their employer doesn’t make the right decisions for the public, according to the survey results.

Unison general secretary, Dave Prentis, said: ‘Local services are collapsing and council workers are being left to pick up the pieces and do the best they can amid the chaos. This disturbing survey should ring alarm bells in Whitehall and also alert ministers to the crisis happening in councils up and down the country.

‘Local authorities have had to cut so many vital services that they have now reached a point where vulnerable children and the elderly struggle to get the help that they need, entire communities are suffering, and the public are being put at risk.’ “


One thought on ““Half of council staff considering quitting their job, survey finds” (What! only half!)

  1. Contrary to Conservative Rose-Tinted-Thinking, cuts to social care do actually have consequences other than just saving money – they are more than just numbers on an accounting statement, they have real (negative) impacts on the lives of real people.

    Indeed the current official figures for the number of people who have died as a direct result of Conservative Government cuts is already more than 20,000 (and remember anything more than 10,000 can be classed as genocide) – but the real number is likely to be far, far more than that. Remember, these are real people who have really died as a direct consequence of the real cuts in life-saving services because of the Tories cuts-regardless-of-consequences dogma.

    At some point those of us who have not died as a direct consequence of cuts will need to call a halt to this heartless cuts-at-all-costs policy. The only question is just how many more people will die before that happens?”

    Remember, a vote for any Conservative is effectively a vote for genocide-level deaths.


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