“Bus Services In ‘Crisis’ As More Than 3,000 Routes Altered, Reduced Or Withdrawn”

“More than 3,000 bus routes have been altered, reduced or withdrawn during the last eight years as council funding has almost halved, a report has found.

Campaign for Better Transport on Monday detailed how council funding had been cut by £182m – 45% – since 2010, as it urged the Government to “wake up to the crisis hitting local buses before it’s too late”.

The latest cuts, £20.5m last year, have meant 199 routes were altered or completely withdrawn, the campaign’s Buses In Crisis report said, leaving many parts of the country without public transport.

Since 2010, 3,347 routes have been altered, reduced or withdrawn, Campaign for Better Transport said.

Steve Chambers, the group’s public transport campaigner, said: “Our latest report confirms that the slow death of the supported bus continues, with local authority bus budgets suffering yet another cut this year. The resulting cuts to services mean many people no longer have access to public transport, with rural areas hit especially hard.”

Chambers said the loss of a bus service has “huge implications”.

He said the cuts would have an adverse effect on the local economy, with people prevented from getting to shops and businesses, affecting people’s mental and physical health too.

Chambers said the Government “must wake up to the crisis hitting local buses before it’s too late”. …”