Local Enterprise Partnerships in north of England join forces

Owl says: “They have one task: to enrich all the peoples of the North of England …” – good luck with that – as each vested-interest Chair vies to outscrew the others!

“Local enterprise partnerships from across the North of England will come together to form a new body to support ambitions for the region.

A government-funded board called NP11 will be made up of chairs of the 11 northern LEPs and act as a modern-day version of the medieval Council for the North. It will advise central government on how to increase productivity and tackle the north-south divide.

Announcing the creation of the board in Newcastle today, Northern Powerhouse minister Jake Berry said: “As we approach leaving the European Union we need to ensure that every area of the UK continues to economically flourish.

“For the first time since 1472, we will bring together the business voices of the Northern Powerhouse in our Council for the North.

“They have one task: to enrich all the peoples of the North of England … we will shift the North’s economy into overdrive.”

NP11 will be chaired by Roger Marsh, chair of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership.

“By bringing together the private and public sectors, local enterprise partnerships are in a unique position to unite northern business and civic leaders behind a common goal of building a true northern economic powerhouse that brings prosperity to everyone who lives and works in the North, while also competing for the country globally,” Marsh said.

“Our country’s success is built on northern industry, innovation, and determination.”


“Councils better at turning around failing schools than academy chains, report says”

” … the report, which looks at 429 council-run schools rated as inadequate in 2013, found that 115 (75 per cent) of 152 schools that stayed with the council became good or outstanding by 2017. …

Meanwhile, only 92 (59 per cent) of the 155 schools that had been inspected since becoming sponsored academies saw their Ofsted ratings improve to good or outstanding during that period. …”


“MPs call for housebuilders’ ombudsman”

The Financial Times does not allow sharing of its articles but you can imagine the content.

Owl has one observation: isn’t this what Building Regulations are for?

Build to code and there is no problem!

Oh, except pretty much all of the Building Control officers have been let go in austerity cuts.