With Raab’s promotion to Brexit Minister housing will get its eighth minister in 8 years

“Theresa May’s pledge to “fix the broken housing market” lies in tatters after she left herself scrambling to find the eighth Tory housing minister in eight years.

The Prime Minister promoted Dominic Raab to be Brexit Secretary after he spent just six months in the job.

The vacancy means the government is having to find its third housing minister since the Grenfell Tower disaster only 13 months ago.

Mr Raab’s replacement will be fifth person to hold the role since 2015 and the eighth since 2010.

Shadow Housing Secretary John Healey slammed Tory ministers.

He said: “Dominic Raab’s move means that Theresa May is on her fourth housing minister in just two years as Prime Minister. …

… Mrs May declared it was her “personal mission” to fix the housing crisis and pledged to build 300,000 homes a year overall by the mid-2020s.

But just 39,350 homes started being built in the three months to March – a fall of 8% on a year earlier. …”