When losing your job can be a money-spinner!

“A higher education boss was handed more than £500,000 in a “golden goodbye” pay package after the government scrapped her organisation.

Professor Madeleine Atkins, ex-chief executive of the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), secured a 96% increase on her annual pay deal in the body’s final 12 months, accounts published this week show.

The HEFCE was wound up by the Department for Education and replaced by the Office for Students and Research England in April.

Atkins, who was appointed to HEFCE for a five-year term in 2014, had a final remuneration package worth £554,648 once bonuses, pension payments and other benefits were counted. Salary accounted for £528,891 of the total.

Her previous year’s total remuneration was £282,354, of which salary comprised £263,865.

Atkins begins a new role as president of Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge, in October. …”


One thought on “When losing your job can be a money-spinner!

  1. Let me be certain I have got this right.

    Nurses and teachers and other public sector staff at the coal face have had a 1% pay cap for several years.

    But someone at the top of their own public sector organisation had a 96% pay increase in a single year to take her remuneration to more than HALF A MILLION POUNDS PER YEAR, and then went on to be given a golden goodbye of ANOTHER HALF A MILLION POUNDS before taking another public sector job in which she will earn even more hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayer money?

    If the Tories ever try to tell me that “we are all in it together” I think I will puke all over them.

    It is clearly one rule for them (the few) and another rule entirely for the rest of us (the many).

    CONSERVATIVES – lining the pockets of the few, at the expense of the many.

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