Devon primary classes – more than 8,000 pupils being taught in 30+ classes

“The number of primary school children in Devon being taught in class sizes of more than 30 pupils has now exceeded more than 8,000.

According to latest figures from the Department for Education, 1,308 more primary pupils were being taught in large classes in January 2018 than at the same time the previous year.

It means 8,072 children are now being taught in classes of more than 30, which is the equivalent of one in seven pupils in Devon. … “

One thought on “Devon primary classes – more than 8,000 pupils being taught in 30+ classes

  1. See earlier post for a discussion about a teachers’ pay rise of 3.5% being funded by cuts – which means that there are likely to be 3.5% fewer teachers despite a growing school population, and an even greater likelihood that children will be in classes greater than 30.

    If you read the Devon Live article in detail you will also see:

    In Devon the number of pupils in classes > 30 was up from 6,764 this time last year to 8,072 now, a rise of 19.33%. This is more than 14x larger than the national increase of only 1.37% from 542,679 to 550,123. Clearly Devon is being funded even more below average than before.

    In Broadclyst Community Primary School, which is now an Academy School, there was a class with 62 pupils. No, that is NOT a typo – more than twice the legal maximum class size of 30 for Key Stage 1. But because it is an Academy School, it is not subject to the same regulations as non-Academy schools.

    (If you thought, judging by the name, that Academy Schools were about higher standards, think again. “Academy Schools” is no more than a positive sounding title for PRIVATISATION of education, a privatisation that has an increasing number of scandals of financial irregularities, lower standards, failing schools and even schools which have all of the above before being handed back as empty shells to the local authority. I would not be surprised to hear that, whilst Broadclyst Community Primary School has a class of 62, the cost savings for the missing 1.1 teachers has been passed onto the non-teacher Chief Executive as a salary increase or bonus.)

    At the bottom is a table of classes with more than 36 pupils (not just more than 30 pupils) – and this really shows just how bad it is getting because it shows that there are 25 classes in Devon with more than 36 pupils (20% more than 30), of which 6 have more than 45 pupils (50% more than 30). This is truly shocking. How can we expect a decent education for children when they are being failed in this way!!

    Conservatives – for the many per class, not the few per class.


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