Public service pay increases? Yes, but ….. no but …..

Owl says: Yes, you get a little more money … but there will be fewer of you to do the same amount of work (or more work).

Owl suggests those affected think of becoming MPs. It doesn’t have to be a full-time job (see our own MP Swire’s impressive list of other jobs), your pay rises are frequent and well above inflation, brilliant pension, no questions (or few questions) expenses … what’s stopping you?

“More than a million public sector workers, including teachers, doctors and police officers, can expect wage increases of up to 3.5% a year as Theresa May moved to drop the government’s pay cap. …..”

“The planned new wage increases have come from departmental savings, rather than the Treasury releasing new funds, according to the Sun newspaper. This could result in frontline services coming under threat in order to fund the rises. …..”

One thought on “Public service pay increases? Yes, but ….. no but …..

  1. This is an absolute joke / mis-information / simple propaganda / fake news (take your pick).

    Every department is already short of money due to almost a decade of austerity cuts. They are so short of money that they have passed on cuts all down the line to local authorities and to contractors. Everyone affected has already spent years trying to work out how to square the circle and preserve services when there is no money, and the reality is that the cuts are causing the quality and quantity of services to be cut to the bone.

    If you are unfortunate enough to be a recipient of these services – health care, education, social care, road maintenance, mental health etc. – you will likely already be affected by these cuts. If not, then you will have read hundreds of articles in the press about them.

    So, just exactly how does Theresa May expect her government departments to fund pay increases if the Treasury doesn’t provide extra money? There are no more optional services that can be cut – everything that remains is already essential, and in many cases a legal requirement.

    If we take education as an example, school budgets have already been cut substantially – leading to fewer teachers, bigger classes, subjects no longer taught, unsustainable teacher workloads, parents being asked to pay for basic essentials, etc. Without additional funding to match it, a pay increase of 3.9% funded by further cuts can only mean a further cut of 3.9% in the number of teachers, which then translates into a 3.9% increase in an already unsustainable workload – and of course a 3,.9% increase in pay for a 3.9% increase in hours is actually not a pay increase at all.

    So this announcement is simply smoke and mirrors, thrown out just as Parliament goes on holiday so that there is no opportunity for Theresa May to be quizzed about this and held to account for the truthfulness and reality of this announcement.

    So, I ask again, is this fake news or propaganda or mis-information or simply a joke?

    Conservatives – fakes news for the many, not the few.


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