“Thousands in East Devon live in fuel poverty, new figures show”

“One in 10 East Devon households are in fuel poverty, according to a government report. Figures from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) show nearly 6,000 households would be pushed into poverty by the cost of heating and lighting their homes properly.

Across the South West, around 240,000 households are in fuel poverty. Each household is on average £391 short of their required energy bills each year – a measure called the ‘fuel poverty gap’.

A household is considered to be ‘fuel poor’ if they have fuel costs which are above the national median average and if meeting those costs would push them below the poverty line. …”


One thought on ““Thousands in East Devon live in fuel poverty, new figures show”

  1. If you are in Fuel Poverty, then Fuel is not the only thing you will be going without. Decent food and clothes would also be likely to be un-affordable too.

    This is a direct result of the attacks by this Government on the poor and most vulnerable in our society in the name of austerity – an austerity that has not paid off the Government debt has promised – instead doubling the debt and pushing the already poor into even greater difficulties all whilst giving the richest in our society some huge tax reductions.

    If this is what being British stands for, am I the only person now ashamed to be British?


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