“Taxpayer foots £2.7million bill to subsidise MPs’ bars and restaurants after costs rise by £200,000”

The headline says it all.

“… One of the most controversial elements of the catering at the House is that alcohol prices are kept artificially low.

In April this year the cost of a pint of beer at the Commons bars was nudged up by just 1.5 per cent to £3.35 – well below the 2.7 per cent CPI inflation rate at the time.

… Dishes on offer in the Members’ Dining Room include ‘pan fried salmon with buttered samphire, macerated fennel, radish and rösti potato’ – which will set you back £6.90.

One of the starters recently was ‘smoked halibut with watercress, horseradish crème fraiche, pink grapefruit and dehydrated pickled shallots’, on offer for £4.25.

… A dessert of ‘poached pear with Baileys ice cream and hazelnut’ is £2.55.

MPs can get a three course lunch for just £10.30, or a three course dinner for £15.30.

A bottle of champagne costs £35, and Prosecco £21.

A 187ml bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot is just £2.25, and a cappuccino 80p.

… Dr Sarah Wollaston, Totnes MP and now health select committee chair, warned in 2011 that some of her colleagues were drinking ‘really quite heavily’.

‘Who would go to see a surgeon who had just drunk a bottle of wine at lunchtime? But we fully accept that MPs are perfectly capable of performing as MPs despite some of them drinking really quite heavily,’ she said. …”


One thought on ““Taxpayer foots £2.7million bill to subsidise MPs’ bars and restaurants after costs rise by £200,000”

  1. And they wonder why they are out of touch with the realities that normal (i.e. non-MP) people deal with…

    I really don’t see why we should be subsidising their food and drink which is clearly inconsistent with the Government’s privatisation agenda. Surely to be morally consistent they should put all the bars out to tender on a fully commercial basis, with winning contracts paying commercial rents. In order to give MPs and other staff a range of choices, they could let the contracts in several different classes – and in order to have a reasonable priced option some of these classes could be fast food outlets like Burger King / MacDonalds / Greggs etc.

    This might also have an added benefit of increasing their blood cholesterol levels to similar levels to their alcohol levels and shorten the life expectancy of these parasites substantially.


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