Food or houses?

If, as it seems is essential after Brexit, we have to grow more of our own food to make us more self-sufficient, how do we do it if more and more high-grade agricultural land is being gobbled up for housing, while developers ignore brownfield sites?

In World War 2 everyone was encouraged to “grow your own”. But how do you do that with a tiny patio or no patio at all and no extra allotments?

For many years we have relied on food imports to cover shortages. Do we really want bleach-washed American chicken on the dinner tables of our tiny new homes built on agricultural land?

Oops, sorry, no space for a dining table – on our knees in front of the TV in our tiny new homes!

One thought on “Food or houses?

  1. Hey Owl.

    If you are expecting the current Government’s thinking to be joined up or sensible or forward thinking, you are out of luck.

    The current Tory mantra is “survive today and don’t worry about tomorrow until tomorrow”.

    P.S. Don’t forget all the agricultural land being swallowed up for solar farms as well.


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