Council profligacy – a primer

A comment on the post on Northamptonshire County Council financial mismanagement:

“Copied from TaxPayers’ Alliance:

Northamptonshire County Council

Earlier this week many news outlets reported that Northamptonshire County Council may have to cut essential services as they need to find £70 million worth of savings.

It is worth highlighting some of the wasteful spending that has led to this dreadful situation.

• £53 million on a new HQ, which they then sold and leased back
• a course on how to wear a scarf ‘more effectively for their personal style’
• £350,000 payouts to staff on ‘injuries from poorly fitting outfits’
• £95,000 golden handshake for chief exec, just for leaving his job
• 23 councils executives on more than £100,000

Residents of Northamptonshire are unfairly paying the price of financial mismanagement. The TPA has always maintained that councils must focus their spending on frontline services and not frivolous non-essential expenditure. We hope other councils will take heed and that similar disasters can be averted in future.”