Public consultation on public consultation closes in school holidays!

Owl says: Perhaps the first rule of public consultation should be: DON’T CLOSE IT DURING A MAJOR HOLIDAY PERIOD!

We all know EDDC’s predilection for putting in major consultations on controversial planning applications over Christmas – but to close a public consultation (on public consultation) in the middle of the major school holiday beggars belief!

“Consultation on how district council approaches community and stakeholder consultation and involvement will close on Wednesday 15 August 2018

East Devon District Council is currently consulting on its new Statement of Community Involvement (SCI). This is a document, which sets out how, where and when the council will consult on planning matters such as Policy documents, planning applications and Neighbourhood Plans. A copy of the SCI can be found on the East Devon website:

The SCI sets out East Devon’s approach to promoting community and stakeholder consultation and involvement in respect to:
• How the council produces future planning policy and engages with stakeholders.
• How the council notifies individuals and organisations that planning applications have been submitted and how the local authority encourages developers to undertake consultation.

The SCI is available for comment until Wednesday 15 August 2018. All comments will be considered by the council and will inform subsequent versions of the document.

Any comments should be marked ‘SCI’ and emailed to:
or posted to

Planning Policy Team, East Devon District Council, Knowle, Sidmouth, EX10 8HL.