£ 100m to eradicate homelessness – don’t believe the hype

£50m already allocated in the past
£50m taken from other budgets within the Dept of Housing and Local Government

Thus i5 ever was ….

Add a massive shortage of mental health and addiction practitioners and you get …

not a lot.


One thought on “£ 100m to eradicate homelessness – don’t believe the hype

  1. Also typical Modus Operandi for this government:

    1. Make huge swinging cuts, either without considering the consequences or in full knowledge of the consequences (not sure which is worse in a government – utter incompetence or Machiavellian nastiness followed by protestations of innocence), creating or massively increasing a disastrous situation (such as homelessness)…

    2. Do nothing and say nothing until the issue gets so bad that the press pick up on it, and then (and only then)…

    3. Announce a (relatively small) increase in funding – an increase on the funding after all the cuts have happened, but overall still a massive cut – yet trumpet it as (yet another example) of Conservative policy generosity…

    4. But actually fund it from a budget elsewhere, robbing Peter to pay Paul, and likely creating a different “Peter” crisis whilst not actually solving the “Paul” crisis either …

    5. Don’t distribute the extra money, don’t take any initiatives to spend it…

    6. Eventually return the money to the Treasury unspent.

    If you don’t believe this, do the research because there are hundreds of examples of this to be found.


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