“Fat cat bosses were paid more than £1million from ‘taxpayers cash and student debt’ to run luxury £559 per week student halls complete with posh kitchens, gyms and cinemas”

“Three fatcat bosses were paid more than £1million each by a firm last year to run student halls of residence, figures show.

Unite Students, the country’s largest student accommodation provider, paid £3.9million in total to the trio in salary, benefits and bonuses.

The highest paid was chief executive Richard Smith, who received £1.4million – more than 50 times the average UK salary. This included £437,167 in wages, an annual bonus of £401,407, pension benefit of £84,506 and £476,619 via a long-term incentive plan. …

The priciest of these halls were in London, where private firm CRM Students was charging £559 per week for 51 weeks at its Canto Court site – a total of £28,500 a year – for King’s College students.

Accommodation in Cardiff was offered for £9,639 over 51 weeks which had a shared cinema, gym, and music practice room – again courtesy of CRM Students.

And those at Bristol can pay £14,280 for a studio in Brunel House via Unite Students.

While most private halls are not officially affiliated to universities, they target students who have missed out on traditional campus ‘digs’ – often because they went through clearing.”