“Tories trigger ‘secret NHS firesale’ as land selloffs ‘soar 31% in a year'”

“The amount of NHS land being sold off is up almost a third, up from 1,300 hectares last year to more than 1,700 according to research by Labour.

Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth said patients would be “alarmed” at the “huge rise” in the amount of health service land under consideration for sale.

Labour’s health chief said hospitals were being forced into a “fire sale” of assets because of the Government’s mismanagement of NHS finances.

Analysis by the party showed 1,750 hectares were listed – an increase of 31% in the last year.

And over two years the amount of land for sale has risen by a staggering 320%, meaning there is now more than four times as much NHS land for sale compared to 2015/16. …”