“Devon has fewer good and outstanding schools and excluded pupil numbers are rising”

“Exclusion rates in Devon have risen above the national average while the number of schools rated as Good or Outstanding has fallen.

The figures for 2016/17 were revealed in a report to Devon County Council’s children scrutiny committee on Monday.

Dawn Stabb, head of education and learning at Devon County Council, told the committee that steps have already been taken through the Devon inclusion project to address the significant rise in exclusion figures and that Ofsted are being more rigorous in their grading.

The report said that Devon’s Permanent Exclusions have risen from 0.09 per cent of the pupil population to 0.14 per cent in 2016/17, and that permanent exclusions in Devon primary and secondary schools were slightly higher than nationally, 0.07 per cent in Devon primary schools compared to 0.03 per cent nationally, and 0.22 per cent in Devon secondary schools compared to 0.20 per cent nationally. “