Devon head teachers in London protesting funding cuts

“Head teachers from schools in Devon and Cornwall will join about 1,000 colleagues from around the country in London today, to demand extra funding for schools.

They will meet in Parliament Square before delivering a letter to No 11 Downing Street, amid concerns over work conditions and overcrowded classrooms.

The heads quote the Institute of Fiscal Studies’ claim that per pupil funding has fallen 8% in real terms since 2010. …”

One thought on “Devon head teachers in London protesting funding cuts

  1. So who do YOU believe?

    Thousands of Head Teachers who say that their funding has been cut?

    Or Theresa May who says funding is at record levels?

    Actually, the likelihood is that both of these are true for the following reasons:

    a. Theresa May’s funding doesn’t take inflation into account – so whilst the overall funding may be at record levels, there has been a cut in real-terms; but more importantly…

    b. We know from the funding figures released under the misnomer “Fairer Funding Formula” that most schools in the UK have had cuts in funding. And there have been endless stories about schools cutting staff and having to beg parents to provide basics like paper and pencils and loo-roll because they no longer have the budget to pay for them.

    So, I hear you ask, how can there be increases in funding overall, but decreases for most schools? The answers are simple… Dogma x2, and favouritism.

    Dogma 1: Privatisation – Academy Schools cost more to run because you have to pay for profits / dividends and huge Chief Executive salaries (and then bail them out when they fail).

    Dogma 2: Elitism – Money has been diverted from existing Comprehensive Schools in order to fund the Government’s Dogma for new Free Schools and new Grammar schools (both of which are designed to cater to Conservative voters).

    Favouritism: If you analyse the Fairer Funding Formula documents you find that funding has been increased in marginal seats and in Cabinet ministers constituencies, and decreased in Tory and Labour heartlands where it will not make a difference to election results.

    (Looking back at the above I guess it could equally be Dogma x1 + Favouritism x2 or even Favouritism x3 if you count them favouring their party donors by awarding them Academy School contracts, but hey you have to pick a description.)

    Conservatives – immorally twisting the truth to cover up favouritism and bankrupt dogma for the few, rather than being honest about the impact on the many.


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