“Michael Gove: Let homeowners scavenge for waste at council dumps”

Ooooh, the Telegraph – and Michael Gove – have only just discovered recycling centres, or “waste dumps” as they like to call them and are suggesting you “scavenge” them. Presumably only just noticed because the servants dispose of his rubbish for him.

Can you imagine trying to “scavenge” at Tipton, where skips are about 6 ft below you and filling up all the time! Much easier to go to the on-site shop!

Do let us know if you see Michael Gove “scavenging” at your “waste dump”!

“Homeowners should be allowed to scavenge for old televisions, furniture and appliances at dumps so they can reuse them, Michael Gove has suggested.

The Environment secretary told a meeting that he wanted to change rules at council recycling centres so people can recover valuables.

Currently, many local authorities ban people from taking away anything their tips,however Mr Gove said he wanted the rules to be relaxed.

According to the Sunday Times, Mr Gove told a meeting: “We must reduce the amount of material we waste.

3 thoughts on ““Michael Gove: Let homeowners scavenge for waste at council dumps”

  1. The idea of people scavenging through other peoples waste is ridiculous, So imagine someone threw an electric item away such has a television or a toaster, and they threw it away because it was unsafe when it catches fire and burns there house down is Mr Gove going to put them up.
    Mr Gove should find out if there’s any down side to he’s ridiculous proposals and talk to the people who do the job.


  2. This is incredible. Not only are any reusable items already being rescued at tips, the idea that people scavenging is insulting. Brings to mind people in third world countries picking over litter in huge dumps. This is his “let them eat cake” quote.


  3. Far from allowing people to take items away from these ‘waste dumps’, the operators charge for other people’s junk…


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