“NHS hospitals warn of lack of preparation for winter as figures reveal next year will be ‘tougher than ever’ “

“The NHS is set to face an “even tougher winter” than the record-breaking crisis it weathered less than 10 months ago, as hospital bosses warn of staff and funding shortages.

Despite the government claiming the health service was “better prepared than ever” last year, ambulance queues tripled, there were fewer beds available and doctors wrote to Theresa May warning of patients “dying prematurely” in corridors.

Hospital leaders said the major issues of workforce, funding and social care remain unresolved, and figures released on Thursday show how an unprecedented summer heatwave has left no time to tackle the significant backlog in operations.

Theresa May has pledged an extra £20bn for the NHS by 2023 but this will not start to plug gaps until April 2019.

Meanwhile, hospital heads told The Independent funds usually held in reserve to add capacity in winter were already used up, or useless because there was no one to work.”


One thought on ““NHS hospitals warn of lack of preparation for winter as figures reveal next year will be ‘tougher than ever’ “

  1. Since last year’s stats suggested that avoidable deaths were in the tens of thousands, if things are going to be worse this year just how many people is the Conservative Government going to kill this time?

    When will this Government start seeing their democratic role as protecting its citizens rather than killing, detaining, deporting, making poor or homeless, pushing to suicide, denying health or social care etc. to save money in order to afford tax cuts for the already obscenely rich?

    P.S. As previously commented, the definition of Genocide is > 10,000 deaths. But apparently these deaths don’t count as Genocide because being made poor and unable to afford to stay alive doesn’t count as a Genocide method.


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