“Local government fraud cases rise”

“The number of cases of fraud committed against local authorities went up in 2017-18 and the value prevented is a little lower, CIPFA has revealed.

In its annual fraud tracker, out today, the institute showed this type of crime remains a “major financial threat” to councils with housing fraud being the most common type.

The total value of fraud prevented is down from last year’s CIPFA estimates – from £336m to £302m – while the prevalence of fraud has increased from 75,000 cases to 80,000 this year.

Housing fraud remained the most common type – 74.1% of total fraud reported – as it was last year.

The largest growing area of fraud is in business rates, which jumped from £4.3m in 2016-17 to £10.4m in 2017-18. It now accounts for 3.4% of all fraud reported by councils. …”

Source: Lical Government Lawyer website