Empty secret database of “rogue landlords” to be kept secret!

More than one MP destined to be in it, perhaps?

“The government’s new rogue landlord database was billed as a key tool for local councils to target the country’s worst landlords, but, more than six months after the system started, not a single name has been added – and even when some are added, the public will not be able to find out.

A freedom of information request filed by the Guardian and ITV News revealed that by the end of August the database was empty. When details of rogue landlords are eventually entered they will only be accessible to central and local government, unless the rules are changed.

When the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) was asked via another freedom of information request to spell out why the public would be denied access to the database, it said the reasons behind keeping the database’s contents secret were also secret. …”


One thought on “Empty secret database of “rogue landlords” to be kept secret!

  1. Transparency? What transparency?

    And without Transparency there is no Accountability. And without Transparency and Accountability there is no Democracy.

    Democracy? What democracy?


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