Persimmon: yet another horror story

(The photographs accompanying this article are truly shocking)

“A STRESSED-out dad is suing over his “shoddy” brand new home which has brick walls looking like a wavy patchwork quilt.

When Darren Harris collected the keys to his freshly constructed £210,000 four-bedroom house, he was shocked to find more than 80 defects.

The 53-year-old was also stunned to learn the bumpy brickwork on his house wall had become a laughing stock of the neighbourhood.

The civil engineer has shared pictures of the poor workmanship and plans to take legal action against Persimmon Homes, which built the house on the Martello Park estate in Pembroke, West Wales.

Harris said: “We got the keys to our house and I drove down to the property with my wife.

“The neighbours came over and asked me if I had seen the brickwork on the back of the house.

“They said to me ‘We have been having a bit of a laugh and a giggle’. It looks unstable, the brickwork is wavy and looks unsafe.”

He and his wife, an area manager for Greggs bakery, then decided to take a look inside their property, but struggled to open the door.

The engineer said: “We put the key in but the door wouldn’t budge. We couldn’t get in.

“I thought there must be a problem and went back to the site office. A Persimmon agent came back with me and in the end he had to shoulder-barge the door to get it open.”

They discovered later that the door frame was fitted incorrectly.

As time went on the list of problems expanded with Harris finding that “drain covers weren’t fitted properly, paving was laid on top of rubble, the guttering doesn’t reach the end of the house and water cascades down the sides when it rains.

“The doors inside all had to be rehung and I’ve done so much work myself just to get it liveable.

“Everything is appallingly built – the workmanship is just shoddy. The problems are unbelievable.”

Mr Harris bought the house before it was built, after seeing a show home on the site.

He said: “It looked like a nice spot, with views of Pembroke Castle. We put a deposit down in February and planned to rent it out.

“But ever since we got the keys, the reality has been far from perfect.

“It’s caused my wife and I no end of worry and stress. She has been in tears. If my marriage wasn’t so strong this could have finished us.”

Now Harris, from Sutton Coldfield in the Midlands, says he has no option but to take Persimmon Homes to court.

He said: “I have been on to head office. I have been brave enough to take them on and take them to the small claims court.

“The rectification work they attempted was not acceptable. I have given them the opportunity to put it right.

“I have had to put off getting my tenants in, which has resulted in losses of £1,600.

“We have been forced to get on with the retrospective work ourselves and it has cost us thousands. That’s the only way I could get the house finished and ready for our tenants.”

A spokesman for Persimmon Homes West Wales said: “We are aware of Mr Harris’s concerns and we are working to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

“We have many happy customers across South Wales and we take customer service seriously.”

In October, Persimmon’s boss Jeff Fairburn walked off in the middle of a BBC interview after he was grilled about his whopping £75million bonus.

When questioned over any regrets about last year’s payout – cut from £100million after a public outcry – Fairburn replied: “I’d rather not talk about that”.

The payout is believed to be the largest by a listed UK firm, the BBC said.”