One thought on “Right-wing Tory blog calls out UN for calling-out Swire for distasteful doggie pic!

  1. Here is the UN Association web page containing the scurrilous slur against our lovely cuddly and entirely obnoxious and useless MP Hugo Swire:

    in which it says:

    “Examples of government spokespeople and politicians engaging in rhetoric which undermines the value placed on the rules-based international order:

    Foreign Minister Hugo Swire mocking findings of UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) on twitter (February 2016)”

    In other words a serious organisation investigating human rights abuses was mocked by Hugo Swire (before he was fired by Theresa May from his role as Foreign Office minister because she doesn’t like him – you can’t get a worse reference than being fired by Theresa who can stomach having e.g. Boris Johnson and Michael Gove in her Cabinet but not Hugo Swire) by equating unlawful arbitrary detention (an abuse of human rights) with detaining his dog by giving him a cuddle.

    Honestly, what a miserable excuse for a human being our Hugo is!


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