“Average UK workers earning a third less than in 2008 – report”

“Research by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) found that the average worker has lost £11,800 in real earnings since 2008.

The UK has suffered the worst real wage slump among leading economies, said the union organisation.

The biggest losses have been in areas including the London borough of Redbridge, Epsom and Waverley in Surrey, Selby in North Yorkshire and Anglesey in north Wales, the studyfound.

Workers have suffered real wage losses ranging from just under £5,000 in the north-east to more than £20,000 in London, said the report.

The TUC general secretary, Frances O’Grady, said: “The government has failed to tackle Britain’s cost-of-living crisis. As a result, millions of families will be worse off this Christmas than a decade ago.

“While pay packets have recovered in most leading economies, wage growth in the UK is stuck in the slow lane.

“Ministers need to wake up and get wages rising faster. This means cranking up the pressure on businesses to pay staff more, especially at a time when many companies are sitting on large profits.”


One thought on ““Average UK workers earning a third less than in 2008 – report”

  1. So – as I previously commented, more than 60% of the population are worse off financially since 2015 under Conservatives. I have also commented that the top 1% of the population have had their income more than TRIPLE in real terms since 1979 (when Maggie Thatcher came to power) from 5% of GDP in 1979 to 15% in 2016.

    Now we know that average workers have lost (say) 25% in real terms since 2008, mostly I suspect due to Conservative austerity policies. Certainly the “trickle down” that the Conservatives used to justify massive tax reductions for the already rich doesn’t seem to have happened (thus confirming all the previous evidence at the time which said that the trickle-down theory was bunkum).

    Yet far more than 50% of the population STILL vote Conservative – perhaps because the Conservative Government have been funding at least one group to deliberately smear Labour and Jeremy Corbyn.

    When are people going to wake up to what is really happening in – and to – this country?


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